Ford Repairs and Maintenance

Ford Repair

When your Ford vehicle needs repairs, you want to take it to a reputable and trustworthy shop in Upper Marlboro. B&B Auto Salvage Ltd has the experience and professionalism in Upper Marlboro providing car repairs for all Ford vehicle types, including:

  • Escape
  • F-150
  • Explorer
  • Focus
  • Taurus
  • Edge
  • Expedition

As with any vehicle, your Ford vehicle requires yearly maintenance by a mechanic to keep it running smoothly. Whether your car needs a simple oil change or a more extensive repair, we will make sure to keep you updated on your vehicle’s progress throughout its time spent at B&B Auto Salvage Ltd. Our team will make sure your car is back in top performance to keep you safe on the road.

For quality Upper Marlboro auto repairs, call B&B Auto Salvage Ltd today or schedule your appointment online.